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Aditi Gautam

"A head for business, a heart for the world" is what defines the Enactus Community. Enactus, at its core, forces you to focus on the problems troubling the world and to find out a sustainable solution for it. Enactus MLNC has been a major part of who I am today as a human being. It woke me up to do something for the planet on which my entire existence is dependent. I became aware of all the ways we are going wrong and through our projects, took little steps to right those wrongs. lnteracting with the community, empowering our benefactors, doing street plays with deep messages to make people aware of our projects and its goals, hustling everyday to make the best of our projects is what constituted my time at Enactus MLNC. Enacts MLNC has taught me compassion, empathy and considering others before self. All of these are life lessons which will be with me throughout my life and I can't thank Enactus enough for that.

Chaitanya Modi

Enactus at MLNC, for me, was an absolutely colossal experience in terms of the sheer highs and lows that we went through as a unit throughout college life. It was an experience in the simple art of blending complicated aspects of social entrepreneurship, which then led me to my inclination towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and a general sense of social responsibility, empathy and humility that is tied to every action I take individually or as a part of a group. It was also the place where I forged the most trusted friendships and found the most inspiring people that I know till date; and it's importance to me can be gauged by the fact that I still closely follow all the activities at Enactus MLNC and try and do my bit whenever the opportunity presents itself, despite graduating years ago.


Have I had to tell one word to summon my experience at enactus, it would be learning. Learning which comes from a thousand different avenues, in an extremely short tenure and makes about a person. It is a majestic view to look back at how it started and sail my self through it’s days. Tasks which would generally appear struggle-some to anyone have felt elementary simple here due to a diligent compliance mechanism and the warm environment that persists in the society.Enactus has always been very welcoming to who so ever making it after the fine selection process. All the members are even yet unique. The society distinguishes the inherent qualities of it’s members and refines them to an embellished skillset. A glimpse of my days back then would manifest me, dealing with slum women; working upon our welfare project simultaneously maintaining a touch with big corporates sponsoring us, leading presentations about our projects in front of numerous stakeholders on different occasions, learning tech work from my seniors and imparting the same to my juniors , working on decor tasks for our periodical fests and most unforgettable, partying with my team mates which has always been an inevitable activity here. This prestegious society has developed me holistically and given me the most glorious days of college. I thereby feel both gloomy and contented to be called an alumni of this society.

Kunal Arora

There is only one word to describe my 2.5 year journey with Enactus - EXCEPTIONAL Being in Enactus gives you that personal satisfaction that you are doing not just for the society but for your own personal development as you get to experience so many new things, meet different people, get to understand social problems and the list is endless. When i started Project Sneh, the research, field visit and having all the discussions, it was a completely different time of my life. And the best part was interacting with people and getting to know the core of Sanitation scenario in Delhi. Many a times, people only talk about this online and give their opinion but Enactus gives you the oppertunity of implementing the solution that you think can solve that problem and that's what we did at Project Sneh after realizing how big the issue of infant sanitation is, we came up with Reusable Cloth diaper for that which were eco friendly as well as more hygenic. All those events, online campaign, Business plan competition , brainstorming sessions has completely changed my mindset which I will cherish for the rest of my life.