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Great innovation begins with initiative first.
We have taken our first step with our initiatives. Evolving the bounties for our knacky Entreprenuers in a sustainable way.


DESI club  is an initiative by Enactus MLNC, wherein DESI stands for Duty to Emphasize, Sterilize and Immunize stray dogs. DESI’s Duty to Emphasize is fulfilled by The Desi Club.

The Desi Club was started in 2014 by the students of Motilal Nehru College (Day) to take care of the dogs in and around the college campus. Members of The Desi Club as well as Enactus MLNC take care of the food, medication, vaccination, deworming and shelter of the campus dogs.

In 2020, when the pandemic set in, two of the members of Enactus MLNC, Lakshita Shee and Tripti Sharma realized the need of organizing the concept of Desi Club in other educational institutions as well. Gradually, the entire ideology of The Desi Club evolved and it transformed into an animal welfare association that works for the welfare of stray dogs by conducting rescues and adoptions, and by creating awareness about animals in society.

 Further, the founders met Ms. Maneka Gandhi who is the founder of the largest animal welfare association in India, People For Animals (PFA). This led to a successful collaboration of The Desi Club with the PFA.

Currently, The Desi Club has been successfully established in 6 colleges and we are working on amplifying this idea to its maximum.

Apart from taking care of the campus dogs, all the members take care of the animals around their residences. So far  The Desi Club has handled 5 animal cruelty cases, conducted 20+ rescues and has got 50+ dogs adopted. Several webinars and live sessions have been organized to spread awareness amongst people through social media.


Covid-19 pandemic drew much needed attention towards hygiene and health. But not everyone had the means to afford the necessary precaution and so, Project Kawach was started in June 2020 with the sole purpose of providing basic sanitary items to underprivileged for free. With a total of five drives, the team of Project Kawach in collaboration with various NGOs, has successfully distributed 1370 sanitation kits in Gurgaon, Delhi-U.P border, Lucknow and New Delhi.

The project was awarded as one of the ‘Top 5 Ideas for Impact’, a competition organised by Enactus India. The winning amount went towards the procurement of additional sanitary kits. The innocent smiles and teary relief showcased on the faces of all the people who received these kits motivated the team extensively. The project aimed to fight against unhygienic and unhealthy living, even more so during this unprecedented pandemic and act as a shield for underprivileged people during the time of crisis.


Ever since the pandemic has forced the entire country into lockdown, stray animals have been struggling for sustenance. The problems relating to hunger and starvation have always been prevalent in our country for the strays. In view of the current crisis, roadside eateries and other food joints have been closed which has further intensified the damaging impact on their lives.

With the intention of eliminating the cause of misery faced by street animals along with taking down the myths linking the virus to the animals, our team organized an online crowdfunding campaign – Dekhbhal. For this objective, we collaborated with Sang, an organization run by the Young India Fellows at Ashoka University.

 We collected an amount of Rs. 63,000 with the contributions and support of our benefactors. Amidst the pandemic, the team of volunteers successfully conducted three feeding drives and fed more than 5000 stray animals, including dogs, cats, pigs, cows, monkeys and birds. This has been done with the help of NGOs, namely, Tails of Compassion, 4dogsake India, Strays of Delhi and Oscar for life.

The stray animals were fed with nutritious and fulfilling food, consisting of a mixture of bread, eggs and milk, green vegetables, etc. The feeding has been done in areas of South Delhi, South-east Delhi, North Delhi, Dwarka, Kotla, Sarojini Nagar, INA, Rohini, Pitampura, Shahpur Jat, Dilshad Garden, Geeta Colony and Gurugram. We have also covered certain areas near schools and offices, temples, industrial places and flyovers in Delhi. Under this initiative, we offered our compassionate services to the voiceless beings and worked for their well-being.