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Driven by passion, teamwork and symphony, our team strives to create social impact which has been recognised by the following esteemed media houses.

"Creature Companion"

Project DESI and Project Parivartan were recently covered by ‘Creature Companion’.

The magazine recognized the projects’ efforts to improve the lives of stray dogs while simultaneously benefiting the underprivileged women of Delhi.



BY :

Gopika Nair AND Deeksha Garg

"The Statesman"

Project DESI featured in The Statesman.

The article reviewed the team’s initiative to fasten the bond between animals and humans that opened the doors for Project DESI to improve the lives of stray dogs.

20 October


"Amar Ujala"

Project DESI and Project Sneh were featured in ‘Amar Ujala’ on the occasion of women’s day.

The article covered the contribution of these projects towards the upliftment of women entrepreneurs in underprivileged areas of Delhi.



BY :

Rashmi Sharma

"HT City"

Project Sneh featured in HTCity

The article recognized Project Sneh’s resolution to ameliorate infant health sanitation in India by furnishing a feasible solution of reusable cloth diapers made by the women of rural areas, enabling them to earn a livelihood.

04 April


BY :

Aparajita Sharad

"Pet Care"

Project DESI on DDNational’s weekly segment show ‘Pet Care’

The interview focused on the initiative by Enactus MLNC to bring about a change in the lives of strays dogs in and around the college campuses and how it expanded into Project DESI which aims at empathizing, sterilizing, and immunizing stray dogs in Delhi NCR.



BY :

DD National

"Startup Indian Magazine"

Enactus MLNC headlined in the Startup Indian Magazine

Startup Indian Magazine highlighted Enactus MLNC’s projects centralized on providing sustainable solutions to the problems faced by society while spreading social awareness amongst all.

02 APR.


BY :

Gopika Nair

"HT City"

Project DESI featured in HTCity

HTCity acknowledged Project DESI’s aim to empathize, sterilize and immunize the strays. The article recounted the team’s accomplishments in enhancing the lives of the voiceless.

23 February


BY :

Viveka Goswami