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“Project DESI was initiated by Enactus MLNC in 2014 to improve the lives of strays while building a co-existential environment between humans and animals. DESI, in this model, stands for Duty to Empathize, Sterilize and Immunize stray dogs.”


 Indian streets are home to approximately 35 million stray dogs and India accounts for the highest number of rabies cases in the world with about 20,000 people. The population of dogs is often controlled by killing as people are unaware of sterilization and immunization programs. To improve the awful situation of stray animals in India and to spread awareness, Enactus MLNC came forward with Project DESI. Under Duty to Empathize, the team works to procure food and shelter for the animals and asks people to be more empathetic and compassionate towards animals. Under Duty to Sterilize, sterilization drives are conducted to control the population of dogs and to protect them from uterine or testicular cancer. Under Duty to Immunize, vaccination drives are executed to vaccinate the dogs against different diseases especially rabies. For the sterilization drives, the dogs are picked up from the localities by the drivers and are then taken to the organizations for surgery. There the dogs are given a post-operative care for around a week and are then dropped back to the localities. To conduct the drives, project DESI collaborated with numerous freelancers who now work as drivers which facilitates them to earn a source of livelihood. They are skilled at dog catching and know a lot about animal safety. DESI also built a circuit of organizations especially with the ones people were unaware about and assisted them with better functioning. Public sterilization programs in India exist but most of them are underfunded which makes it difficult for the caretakers to bear the full price. Project DESI provides the sterilization program to the caretakers at a minimalist price along with furnishing a particular percentage of the total amount.

When: 2014

Where: Delhi-NCR

0 + dogs
Lives Directly Impacted
0 + humans
Lives Indirectly Impacted
0 + (Approximately 1,350 USD)
Income Generated

30 including drivers, caretakers and organizations


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