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” An initiative that focuses on providing efficient and upcycled solar lighting solutions with its products to combat climate change by promoting sustainable development to fabricate future-ready cities. These products are economical as well as eco-friendly and are powered by renewable energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”


Project Prabhaअक्षय  is a vertically merged business model which centralizes two of Enactus MLNC’s upcycled energy-efficient entrepreneurial ventures.

Most of the Indian cities are predominantly powered by electrical grids where 66% of electricity is generated from fossil fuels like coal, oil etc. The combustion of these fuels increases pollution, CO2 levels in the air and global warming.

The project focuses on providing smart solar lighting products as a solution that prohibits the use of fossil fuels and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. These products are made from upcycled plastic. Prabhaअक्षय aims to bring about climate change by collaborating with various innovative industries to provide these products at nominal prices. It empowers cities to become healthy and sustainably smart, using its two entrepreneurial ventures:

Solar Lamps – Solar Lamp is an upcycled simple product with the application of solar photovoltaic technology, which has found good acceptance in domestic regions especially where there is an irregular and scarce power supply.

Solar Street Lights – Smart Solar Street Light system is designed for outdoor application in un-electrified remote areas. This system is provided with battery storage backup that is sufficient to operate the light for 10-11 hours daily. It provides alternative solar energy solutions for domestic, industrial and commercial establishments. However, the commencement lineup for the same will be initiated via college campuses, further extended to schools, RWAs, parking spaces, etc. to mitigate the energy problems.

Prabhaअक्षय fits perfectly in the landscape of cities of the future. These lighting solutions counteract the future increase in energy demand by offering clean and sustainable Solar LED light sources. This would turn out to be a big step in making life on land both greener and smarter.

When: October 2020

Where : Delhi-NCR

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