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Enactus MLNC is a student-run entity that focuses on contributing to society by helping the underprivileged and bringing positive change to the environment.

To bridge the gap between us and a better future, Enactus MLNC became the flagbearer of change by introducing- Prabhakshay.

Project Prabhakshay is an effort towards a brighter, cleaner, and greener future by taking various measures towards the promotion of solar energy. The project focuses on providing smart solar lighting products as a solution that prohibits the use of fossil fuels and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

It works under the 6 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of Affordable and Clean Energy, Industry Innovation and Infrastructure, Climate Action, Life on Land, Partnerships for the goals, and Sustainable Cities and communities.

Prabhaअक्षय aims to bring about climate change by collaborating with various innovative industries to provide these products at nominal prices. It empowers cities to become healthy and sustainably smart, using its entrepreneurial venture:

Solar Lamps –

Solar Lamp is an upcycled simple product with the application of solar photovoltaic technology, which has found good acceptance in domestic regions, especially where there is an irregular and scarce power supply.

Fulfilling the aims of Project Prabhakshay, solar lamps serve as a potential remedy to the threatening issue of increasing plastic waste and the consequent environmental pollution. By upcycling the discarded plastic paint buckets, Prabhakshay aims to minimise plastic waste from the environment, one bucket at a time, and also provides a regular source of income to the seasonal electricians who assist it with their efforts.

With the hard work and diligence of the members, Prabhakshay has made significant achievements and created milestones since its inception.

Competing in the Enactus World Cup’s Race 4 Climate Action, 2021, a worldwide race hosted by Enactus Worldwide, with 170 teams from 76 countries, Prabhakshay came out to be one of the top 30 teams in the world and through its online campaign Detox your Inbox” and cloud cue it was able to save around 3 tonnes of carbon emissions. Prabhakshay also participated in various B plan competitions, securing 3rd position at Envision’22, organised by Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, and the 1st position at Milan’22, organised by Shyam Lal College.

Prabhakshay believes that knowledge and awareness is the key to change and that power lies in the hands of not one but all. In response to this perception, it has made every effort to dispel environmental myths and provide facts and current information via social media and online sessions. It has also held several seminars with representatives of well-known organisations such as Explore It, Climate Front India, and the Central Pollution Control Board.

Prabhakshay’s foundation lies in the belief that it is the responsibility of each individual to save the limited resources for the generation to come. Through novel ideation and coordinated efforts, it aims toward a sustainable future for everyone.


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